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Light abounds in modern society. We are surrounded by countless products that utilize light, from lamps, video equipment, optics equipment, to so much more. SHINTECH researches, develops, and sells both hardware and software for the analysis of light.




LCD researchers and designers have had to constantly deal with problems:
•What director alignment will result in the best viewing characteristics?
•What angle of the retardation film should be chosen for maximum contrast ratio?
•I have a new idea for the display mode … how will it perform?

LCD Master provides solutions and simulations bypassing the need for expensive and time-consuming trial-and-error processes.

LCD Master integrates all the features required to research, design, optimize, evaluate and analyze LCDs.

LCD Master uses the conventional Microsoft Windows interface to make display model definition and parameter entry quick and easy.

This flexible and intuitive interface can be mastered in minutes.



SHINTECH is the world’s sole provider of high-precision optical simulators and polarimeters, revolutionary in the production of FPD and PV. In 2010, Dr. Michio Kitamura, Executive Director of SHINTECH, received the 2010 SID Special Recognition Award for his leading role in technical and entrepreneurial contributions. Simulation techniques, the result of his breakthrough research, are now considered standard tools in designing LCDs.

In terms of hardware, our business for the past 40 years has included:
•2D CAD for Architecture and Electrical circuit fi lter design software
•Over 5×5 meters X-Y moving cutting machine
•Automatic material handling equipment
•SHINTECH computer language

Our extensive experience in the development of optical systems enables oversized G10 inline machines to connect with CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). For ease of operation, our GUI (Graphic User Interface), a sophisticated and specialized optical measurement instrument, runs handily on Microsoft Windows OS. Outdo the competition with a customized measurement system based on the SHINTECH Computer Language.

Over the years, our know-how has expanded into numerical optical calculation software, polarization analyzing hardware, in addition to electronics and optical design. All of these have been critical to the production of our analytic tool, the OPTIPRO.

SHINTECH Videos Gallery

SHINTECH Videos Gallery

OPTIPRO-MICRO (English edition)
LCDMaster/2D -Auto Calculation System- (English edition)
LCDMaster/2D -Auto Calculation System- (中文版)
LCDMaster/1D -Projector system-
OPTIPRO-IS (English edition)